RE[act] The Slow Sustainable Fashion Business // Titanic Denim Upcycle Demonstration

RE[act], is a brand new festival in pursuit of inspiring a more sustainable Belfast, which strives to create a more circular city, changing from use and dispose to redesign and repurpose. As part of the festival, Queen’s university Belfast hosted a talk with three women entrepreneurs on their sustainable fashion micro-business. Alongside Gaynor Thomasson, who uses algae to create children’s shoes, and Angela Turkington, whose innovation uses non-toxic plant and flower pigments to dye silk in abstract designs, Marie Nancarrow of Titanic Denim spoke on the highs and lows of starting and sustaining her business in upcycling reclaimed denim to create bespoke denim clothing and products for adults and children. What an inspirational panel of motivated, successful and driven women pioneering sustainability in the fashion industry. Click HERE to have a look at the Queen’s University Belfast video to view the event and what went on! 

During the RE[act] festival, Titanic Denim also did a demonstration in IKEA’s Circular Hub to exhibit how waste materials and pre-loved denim can be used to create new products and clothing! IKEA’s Circular Hub provides used furniture with a second chance of life and they’ve also launched their new Buy Back scheme. Exciting things are happening in the world of sustainability!

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