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Titanic Denim


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This LIMITED EDITION Retro Messenger Bag

Completely 100 % bespoke the Retro Messenger has been designed and created using:

-Recycled Jeans

-Reclaimed BMW MSeries Car Seat Belts

-Reclaimed leather

-Dead Stock  black bag Lining

Because we use recycled jeans to create the bags, every bag will not be the same as the photograph displayed in the product images. The denim will vary in shades of black and wear.

The strong durable strap can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.


Width: 38cm


Side Width:12cm


It has 1 inside pocket 33cm long, front zip 33cm long and the top zip is 55cm long.

Perfect for casual use but also large enough to also be used as a laptop bag. The zipped pockets are perfect for carrying personal items for safety.


The super strong and durable strap has been created using reclaimed BMW MSeries car seat belts.


Length: Fully extended :120cm Closed: 64cm

These measurements may very slightly as each bag different. There may only be a slight difference of a few centimeters.